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This helps shows how difficult it is to correct a recession until it's already started.

Unlike the weather, recessions arrive before you know it and depart under the same circumstances.

This recession was relatively mild, lasting 11 months (December 1969 - November 1970.) GDP was -0.7 percent in Q1, then rose 0.7 percent in Q2, 3.6 percent in Q3, and fell 4.0 percent in Q4.

Unemployment peaked at 6.1 percent in December 1970.

Unemployment reached a peak of 7.1 percent in May 1961.

President Kennedy ended the recession with stimulus spending.

Unemployment reached a peak of 9 percent in May 1975, two months after the recession technically ended. Unemployment rose to 10.8 percent in November 1982, the highest level of unemployment in any recession. President Reagan ended it by lowering the tax rate and boosting the defense budget.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis revises its GDP estimates as it gets new data.The history of recessions in the United States since the Great Depression show they are a natural, though painful, part of the business cycle.The National Bureau of Economic Research defines when a recession starts.This was a natural result of the demobilization from World War II.That happened when the huge demand for military weapons fell off.

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