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We saw last week that people have differing opinions when it comes to single women in demanding careers.

What are your thoughts on single men who have difficulty leading?

Often dubbed the “Butterfly Effect,” these subconscious feelings of romance and love are a condition of love-sickness.

You make eye contact with a stranger across the room and BANG, your stomach is fluttering, heart is thumping, and mind is racing.

I don’t think flowers and candy played a very big part.

A few eons passed, and we moved from caves and plains to hamlets to villages to towns to cities, and our courting rituals evolved, but still dating really wasn’t allowed.

Romance has made expectations completely unrealistic. With dating, we’re talking individual style — you and your little quirks, which are going to change over time and from person to person, at least a bit.

So what are the ironclad follow-these-steps-and-you’ll-never-fail, step-on-a-crack-and-you’ll-break-your-mother’s-back rules of dating? There are some guidelines, suggestions, and observations, but this whole experience is a bit free form since you’re unique and so is everyone you’ll ever date.The key is to stay light on your feet, be willing to improvise, and believe down to the bottom of your shapely toes that your style is the one that’s right for you.(And if it hasn’t worked so well in the past, this book can help you figure out why and what you need to do to fine-tune your style so that you’re cookin’.) Before you find yourself hyperventilating over the prospect of dating, remember that there is no single, right way to date or to ask somebody out.Then maybe the old palms will sweat less, and believe it or not, you may actually have some fun. It’s not like your whole life or livelihood depends on one date or several dates.The purpose of dating is simple: getting to know someone and letting that person get to know you so that you can decide whether you’re interested in spending any more time together. Put aside the notion that you’re looking for a mate or a one-night stand or someone to please your mom.

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