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Harry and the actress dated for two years, before breaking up after two years.Prince Harry has been separated from Cressida Bonas for nearly one month now, and both appear to be moving on with their lives."Chelsy thought the wedding was wonderful and she had a ball, but there’s no way marriage is on the cards for her.She wants her freedom and to start a career," the source added.Bonas' cover introduced her as the royal's one and only with a headline that read "Harry Loves Cressy."It sounds like the only thing left is a bended knee and a diamond engagement ring. —Terri Pous You Might Also Like: Browse thousands of stunning wedding dresses Which Celebrity Couple Is Getting Married Next?The Zimbabwe-born blond dated Harry on and off from 2004 to 2010, and though she was training to be a lawyer, right now she's in the midst of launching her own jewelry line, AYA.

Prince Harry and his girlfriend, British socialite Cressida Bonas, have been spotted out together three times this week, which has British newspapers buzzing about an impending engagement!

Bonas' mother, Lady Mary-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon, was a 1960s It-girl and heir to the Curzon banking fortune.

Her father, Jeffrey Bonas, was chairman of Mac Culloch & Wallis, a clothing and fabric manufacturer. They both love fun: Not to sound like a broken record, but Prince Harry's naked partying pictures in Las Vegas last year were only the latest in his well-documented wild ways.

"I was trying to be a normal kid and it was horrible." Like the former Kate Middleton, Davy was bombarded by paparazzi when leaving night clubs with Harry. "It was nuts," she said of being chased by photographers and written about without her consent. Now it's calm, it's fine," Davy, whose father is a wealthy landowner in South Africa, has said.

Though she was Harry's Plus 1 at William and Catherine's wedding in April 2011, she reportedly told friends she had no interest in becoming a royal wife.

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Prince Harry isn't her first princely connection, either—Prince William once courted her half-sister. For her part, Bonas has been spotted at England's Glastonbury music festival and dancing the night away with friends.

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