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Then, after you have flipped and caught the coin, and as you transfer the coin to the back of your other hand in order to reveal which way up it is, sneakily slip a finger under the coin and give it a stroke.

If you have practised beforehand, you'll be able to tell whether the raised pattern is heads or tails - and make a correct call. If done correctly, the coin simply flutters in the air, rather than spinning around its axis, creating the illusion that it is turning without it actually doing so.

Practising for just five to ten minutes can vastly improve your odds of making the right call, the researchers found.

A coin tossed by a mechanical flipper that can replicate the same conditions - starting position, force exerted, angle at which the coin is thrown, height from it falls - every time, is entirely predictable.All of the participants managed to get the coin to land heads-up more than half the time, while one particularly adroit flipper achieved a heads-up 68 per cent of the time.So what are the secret tricks to always winning the toss?I had seen ‘The Penny Date’ posted several times on Facebook, and the instructions were simple. Flip the penny; heads equals a right turn and tails equals a left. Tell your date to pick a number between 1 and 20: Whatever number they pick is the number of turns you have to take.

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This means, of course, that when you catch it in the palm of your hand, it will always be the same way up as it was when you flipped it.

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