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Toth, Dr Kristian Heal, Professor James Tabor, Professor Elaine Pagels, Dr Bill Christens-Barry, Professor Barrie A. Charlesworth, Dr Luke Dixon, Dr Nava Panitz-Cohen, Dr Guy Bloch, Professor H.Gregory Snyder * Jesus Christ was portrayed as the Sun God Helios; he was married to Mary Magdalene, a fact encoded within the text of the Historia Miscellanea (Pseudo-Zacharias Rhetor), that is a lost gospel.about The Da Vinci Code, Rennes-le-Chteau, The Priory of Sion, Rosslyn Chapel, Shugborough Hall, The Knights Templar etc have all been been made differently specifically aimed at different categories of audiences, thus making generalisation impossible.The Dan Brown interviewed by Stephen Sackur about his novel, Origin HARDtalk, BBC 2 (Newsnight), 23 October 2017 Producer, Nik Sindle Editor, Carey Clark * Dan Brown gives his 2017 position on The Priory of Sion Forbidden Knowledge: Aliens, Templars and Sacred Monoliths Sector Five Films/Bayview Entertainment, 2017 * The Merovingians were descended from an ancient race of fallen angels that spanned the globe, taking wisdom and knowledge with them as Atlantis sank. Season One, Episode Six Produced and Directed by Gary Johnstone Narrated by Corey Johnson Nutopia for Cable News Network (CNN) - Time Warner Featured David Gibson; Professor Elaine Pagels; Professor Ben Witherington III; Professor Candida Moss; Professor Mark Goodacre; Professor Byron R.

(early archive photographs and film footage of Rennes-le-Chteau) In Memorian Henri Buthion (-15 mars 2002) Thanks to: Andr Galaup, Jean Pellet, Michel Azens, Robert Charroux, Jean-Luc Chaumeil, Claire and Antoine Corbu-Captier, Patrick Mensior, Sonia Moreu, Jean & Micheline Ribire, Grard de Sde * Re-issued in 2012 with a booklet entitled Henri Buthion, Les secrets de lglise de Rennes-le-Chteau (transcript of a lecture dating from May 1985) * Although aimed at believers in the treasure of Rennes-le-Chteau, this is a very useful Jesus Conspiracies: Jesus The Rebel? Martin Featured Bart Ehrman (University of North Carolina), John Dominic Crossan (De Paul University, Chicago), Father John Wauck (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome), James D.Tsoukalos, David Childress, Terrence Masson, John Rodgers, William Henry The Real Jesus: Legacy of Deception World Wide Multi Media, 2011 * Compilation of clips from Philip Gardiner's Talk-Show, Gardiner's World (Edge Media Television Ltd, shown on Controversial TV, 2008-2013) I Nuovi Misteri di Rennes-le-Chteau, 2011 Directed by Enrichetto Lincolni Presented by Enrico Ubaldo Lorelei Misterium Team Featured Mirko Iliade, Adelgardo Adone, Adelmo Plutonni, Galina Vladimirovna Tarkovskaja The Da Vinci Code Exposed: What They Don't Want You To Know, 18 October 2011 Reality Entertainment Comprises material covering the death of Mary Magdalene (Dan Green/Callum Jensen), the theories of Professor Hugh Montgomery and an interview with Timothy Wallace-Murphy Territoires: Territoire Rennes-le-Chteau, September 2011 TV Sud (France) Directed by Frdric Ciller Presented by Marlne Laroche Featured Alexandre Painco (Mayor of Rennes-le-Chteau), Elose Moulin (Saunire Museum), Nicolas Miecret (Atelier Empreinte Bookshop), Jean-Paul Raymond (Glass artist in Rennes-le-Chteau), Eric Fille (Chteau de Queribus), David Bailey (Pianist, Rennes-le-Chteau) Ancient Aliens: Aliens and Temples of Gold, 18 August 2011 History Channel, Ancient Aliens, Season 3, Episode 4 Executive Producer Kevin Burns Writer Beata Ziel Narrated by Robert Clotworthy Prometheus Entertainment for History, A & E Television Networks Segment about Rennes-le-Chteau and Rosslyn Chapel featured Kathleen Mc Gowan, David Childress, Josef Dobler, Philip Coppens, William Henry, John Ritchie, Giorgio A.Tsoukalos * Rennes-le-Chteau could be the stargate to another world and The Knights Templar took their treasure to Scotland and buried it at Rosslyn Chapel Could gold actually be the ultimate link between humans and otherworldly beings?Martin, Aziz Kashmiri, Marie Witcher, Elvis Fisher, Robbis Storm, Professor Alan Mitchell, Dr Paul Fleischman, Brother Chidananda, Michael Hesemann, Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, Suzanne Olsson, Arif Khan, Unnamed Head Priest Meenakshi Temple, Father Baptiste, Daniel Entin, unnamed Iskcon Priest, His Holiness The Shankaracharya, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, Unnamed Hemis Monastery Monk, James Deardorff, Dr Ramesh Bajpai, Unnamed India Security Advisor, His Holiness The Dalai Lama * Based on the book by Edward T.Martin, King of Travellers: Jesus' Lost Years In India (Jonah Publishing Company, 1999) Secrets of The Cross: Trial of The Knights Templar Channel Five Television (CTVC), 28 September 2008 Directed by David Bartlett Series Producer John Fothergill Narrated by Colin Tierney Featured Dr Shimon Gibson (W. Albright Institute, Jerusalem), Dr Adrian Boas (University of Haifa, Israel), Sean Martin (Author The Knights Templar), Dr Barbara Frale (Vatican School of Palaeography), Professor Alain Demurger (University of Paris, Panthon-Sorbonne) * Not so much a history of the Knights Templar but rather the myths of the Knights Templar the Shroud, the Grail, the Templar treasure fleet at La Rochelle with Barbara Frale giving another misrepresentation of the historical significance of The Chinon Parchment.

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