Ng model not updating

If you are looking for more explanation on two way bindings, please read this article. ng-bind is one way data binding used for displaying the value inside html component as inner HTML.

This directive can not be used for binding with the variable but only with the HTML elements content.

Look at a simple example that demonstrates how two way bindings works in Angular JS: In the above example, variable “search” bound with input component.

When it is first assigned with a value using “$”, it is passing the value from variable to input component.

Later when user updating the value in the field,expression output the value from input component to variable.

Is this makes sense now how two way binding works in Angular JS? If you have any thoughts, please write it in the comments section.

Data binding is the most sought feature in Angular JS.

There are two directives ng-model and ng-bind are frequently used for data binding.

Important The initialization of Kendo UI widgets in Angular JS projects is not designed to be combined with the Kendo UI server wrappers.For example, initializing a Grid when you load the column definitions from the server as the Grid does not support re-defining columns after the widget is instantiated.To delay the initialization of a widget, use the special Angular JS creates a new scope for the content placed in a window.The reason for this behavior is the dynamic scoping of the framework.A widget placed in the window or popup loses its connection to the parent scope and does not handle any changes to the parent scope.

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