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It also aims to build up their personal integrity through engaging them in volunteer work.

Three years have elapsed in 2010 since we established the project HOME – The Most Important Place on Earth that supports the community model of young people that are leaving orphanages.

Long term support enables us to build up stable partnerships as well as developing, testing and implementing innovative solutions.

Children’s Hour Grant program is from the beginning of 2000 the largest grant program of the Children of Slovakia Foundation.

Its goal to motivate a group of children lead by an adult to create a team and build a functional LEGO robot from that is capable of fulfilling the small missions of the competition.

The missions are linked to the main topic of the competition that is announced every year by the central coordinator.

Its goal is to improve the quality the financial literacy in communities as well as Slovakia entire.

We are convinced that the prevention of problems is more effective than solving them after they surface.

The treatment of this illness cannot be systematic and therefore the consequences of their physical handicap persist.

The program Per Aspera Ad Astra (Through hardship to the stars) helps socially disadvantaged youth from the regions of Banská Bystrica, Prešov and Košice, that entered into undergraduate study in the year 2009/2010 or continue in their 3rd and 4th semester of study (having terminated their 1st and 2nd semester) to accomplish a university education.

The partner for implementation is football club LP Domino.

Within the framework of this project 500 boys and young men train 3- 4 times a week.

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The project systematically supports specific individuals in seeking accommodation, education (seminars of social and personal competences, educational program for financial literacy), tutor support (terrain social worker), support in the orientation on the labor market as well as “networking” of the crucial partners.

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