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Pressly, of My Name is Earl fame, was enjoying herself at a birthday party in Los Angeles, until her assistant's phone went missing, leading to a nasty confrontation with Warren, 42.

According to US Weekly, the police had to be called and the situation took hours to resolve.

Meanwhile, a still possessed Kisha returns to find Malcolm - and the last thing she wants to do is kiss and make up.

Continue: A Haunted House 2 Trailer Jamie Pressly's fight with Estella Warren in Hollywood on Friday (April 5, 2013) appears to have started over a stolen cell-phone.

DOA occasionally touches on all of these points, but kicks away in favor of a slavish desire to package the entire production in the style of its source material.

Continue reading: Doa: Dead Or Alive Review As scary as it sounds, I was actually looking forward to seeing the new David Spade comedy, Joe Dirt.

I grew up in fear of Wrangler jeans, Bob Seger t-shirts, and Chevy Camaros.

Joe Dirt was meant to be redemption for my miserable years at the hands of these greasy, ignorant tormentors.

This is a raunchy, near-plotless, direct-to-DVD experience, heavy on debauchery, nudity, off-color language, and the like.Clearly, the filmmakers have respected the basic format of the DOA computer game and respected its fans.However, in respecting the computer game director Cory Yuen has disrespected cinema and forgotten the basic needs of a decent film: a good story, interesting characters and some sort of drama.Jaime Pressly attends the Los Angeles premiere of 'I, Tonya' held at The Egyptian Theater.The film explores the rise to fame of figure skater Tonya Harding and her subsequently brutal fall from grace.

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American Pie-style antics are rampant, though Harold and Kumar's Kal Penn is the only one of the boys you're likely to have ever seen before.

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