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The issue of which aspects are canon was one of the most hotly debated topics among fans. announced that in preparation for the upcoming sequel trilogy, the Expanded Universe would be retconned; past tales of the Expanded Universe will be printed under the Star Wars Legends banner, and a new continuity has been established that consists only of the original six films, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series and film, and all future material from that point onward.

Though past elements of the Expanded Universe have been declared non-canon as a whole, they remain a resource for future Star Wars material to reference, thus bringing these elements into the new continuity as canon.

It is derived from and includes most official Star Wars–related books, comic books, video games, spin-off films, television series, toys, and other media created before the date.

This material expands and continues the stories told in the films, taking place anywhere from over 36,000 years before The Phantom Menace to 136 years after Return of the Jedi.

But it wasn't until 1991, when Timothy Zahn wrote the novel Heir to the Empire, the first Star Wars best-seller, which was the beginning of what we call the Star Wars renaissance, that continuity became an issue." The early development of the Expanded Universe was sporadic and unrefined, in large part because, at this time, there was so little canon material for the creators to use as reference.

Stephen Crane copied those symbols and turned them into a complete and workable alphabet which would later be used in the prequel trilogy.

Foster was given a copy of the working script and a tour of the production."Over the years, many artists and designers have contributed to the articulation of the various universes of Lucasfilm.

Taking their cues from the minimal words of description on a script page, these talented men and women have sketched, drawn and/or modeled creatures of magnificent breadth, unimaginable terror, and mind-boggling eccentricity.

All this development began to feed back and reference itself and create cross-connections.

West End Games produced roleplaying supplements based upon Dark Horse's comics and Zahn's novels.

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Until today, the only Legends product that is still being released is the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, along short stories published at the Star Wars blog.

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