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We all have those friends who’ve dated literally everyone, so naturally we want their advice on our own dating lives, as well.

We’re obsessed with knowing what our guy is thinking before he’s even thought it, why he behaves the way he does, if he likes us, and a million other things — even though there’s literally no one-size-fits-all answer.

I need to hear from the people of the world at large who have and have practical pearls of wisdom to bestow upon me. He has a history of pushing women away when they get close to him.

One of the members of this group is a guy that has been a close friend of mine for the last two years. When he declared his feelings, or attraction, or whatever, he followed that up immediately by saying that he was afraid that he would hurt me or let me down in some way.

I have stumbled upon a dating conundrum that I cannot figure out on my own.

I don’t need to consult an advice columnist, or my friends or therapist.

They only want a booty call until they’re in their late 20s, they don’t call for three days after a good first date, blah blah blah.

Having dated my fair share of men, I can tell you that although there are a few similarities between men, no two dudes approach dating exactly the same. You and your bestie may think you’re exactly the same person, but you really aren’t.

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