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Likewise, members love the fact that there are no mobile phone apps necessary because Equestrian Friends Date is an ad supported and we provide you as a member with a TOTALLY FREE equestrian dating community!On this page you'll find all the available equestrian dating sites.

Horses fascinate many people if the volumes of books and movies about them are to be believed.

Horses have come from a long way as wild animals to beloved helpmeets, and almost family members as they are today.

Cars have replaced horses as our main form of transportation, but that doesn’t mean the mighty horse has been put out to pasture.

, or a little boy who grew up dreaming of becoming a cowboy, but either way you’ve always loved horses and that hasn’t changed now that you’ve become an adult.

You loved horses then and you love them now, and maybe your horse exposure is limited to weekend trail rides, and you want a special someone to ride those trails with you.

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