Did stabler and benson start dating

Benson is standoffish at first, but then they kiss, a lot.

It was the best of tricks; it was the worst of tricks. Let's open that bottle of Cab and review the evidence.

Hargitay remains on the show, which is now in its 18th season.

In real life, however, Hargitay and Meloni remain close friends.

This is TV traffics in atrocity, week after week; plotlines include pedophilic cults, fetus stealing, and homicidal psychics.

It has one episode about a serial rapist who tracks his victims’ ovulation cycles so he can impregnate them.

And even in less high-stakes situations: There was an entire plotline about Benson struggling to find child care to cover her long hours.

Good character exits can wrap up story arcs and improve shows, even when the characters were beloved.

When George Clooney bounced on way to do an abrupt character exit, which I will not speak of here because, while it was not bad television, it was very personally emotionally damaging and I would like an apology from Josh Charles.) Post-Stabler, retooled into this kind of ensemble, and it’s still that uncomfortable mix of cheaply lurid and absorbing.

The Benson-Stabler dynamic was the show’s emotional core.

Separately, they were two objectively unstable police officers: Stabler choked not one but two suspects in the interrogation room; Benson cared too much.

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