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Italian nationalists interpreted Battisti's hypothesis as implying that Romansh, Friulan and Ladin were not separate languages but rather Italian dialects.

They used this as an argument to claim the territories for Italy where these languages were spoken.

These standardized regional standards are referred to as idioms in Romansh to distinguish them from the local vernaculars, which are referred to as dialects.

These dialects form a dialect continuum without clear-cut divisions.

From a sociolinguistic perspective, however, this question is largely irrelevant.

Sutsilvan (derived from sut 'below' and selva 'forest') – spoken in the Hinterrhein (Rain posteriur) valley, including Plaun, Heinzenberg, Domleschg, and Schams.

It is sometimes grouped by linguists with Ladin and Friulian as a Rhaeto-Romance language, though this is disputed.

Romansh is a descendant of the spoken Latin language of the Roman Empire, which by the 5th century AD replaced the Celtic and Raetic languages previously spoken in the area.

Romansh is a Romance language descending from Vulgar Latin, the spoken language of the Roman Empire.

Within the Romance languages, Romansh stands out because of its peripheral location, which has resulted in several archaic features.

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