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and I 100% guarantee that it will change your life…In Sexual Communication, I will personally teach you: How to let a woman know you are smart, confident, and great in bed, even if you don’t have much experience, in the first 3 seconds of meeting her…Every one of them is something you can simply memorize and start using instantly to make women want you… If you’re finding it difficult to find a girl or to ask a girl out on a date, its not the end of the world.And what if I were to tell you that if you knew that language you would be able to start making women feel attraction for you instantly…

99% of which I’ve never shared anywhere else – or will again.This is why Double Your Dating could be the very book that literally takes you by the hand and helps you to find the girl of your dreams and shows you how to ask her out on a date.There are no mysteries or tricks when it comes to understanding women or getting them to like you.all while avoiding the response of “This guy is a pervert who only wants to get into my pants” How to use the proven magic formula of Cocky & Funny communication to attract and keep women interested in you How to use your body language, voice tone, and eye contact in ways that communicate on a Sexual level with women, and make them respond by feeling a powerful Emotional Attraction The 19 qualities of a Sexually Attractive man, with specific word-for-word ways to demonstrate each one to a woman…do just 2 or 3 of these things and you’re in 16 Fail-Proof Power Lines – Brand new, word-for-word phrases that make a woman feel powerful sexual attraction for you the instant you say them The universal mistake nearly all men make when getting physical that instantly causes a woman to slam on the brakes. that when you DON’T she’ll be the one pushing you to go faster How to use different types of innocent physical contact to drive a woman crazy with Anticipation and Sexual Excitement. because she won’t be able to stop herself The exact, step-by-step process I use to take things from hand holding to the bedroom and beyond, that never fails.

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