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The problem occurred in February last year at Vacasay and Taranaish, both in Loch Roag, off the Isle of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides.

Three samples of salmon at these Scottish Salmon Company sites had levels of emamectin above permitted levels. Instead they were harvested in November, presumably to be sold at Christmas, although the company refused to give any details.

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The song ‘Cara Al Sol’ – Face to the Sun- was the anthem for the party which was the main political party during the period after winning the civil war.

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The chemical emamectin benzoate, used to eradicate the lice, is a potential risk to human health because it interferes with nerve impulses in the body, should residues in the fish end up on dinner plates.

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It said: ‘We take the health and welfare of our fish very seriously.

In early 2016 there was an isolated incident during the growing cycle.

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