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He also provided some killer bonus content in the form of a in-depth datasheet and infographic about Croatia.

To get the rest of this infographic regarding the six top spots in Croatia, Avoid: 1) Istria – The relaxing “Italian” part of Croatia.

From what I can tell American Croatians basically melt to the pot after a single generation.

I highly recommend booking a hotel room inside the National Park grounds itself, and not nearby in hostels/bed and breakfasts.

Not a place to go solo until much later in the evening.

The party here will likely last until 4-6 in the morning, at which point you might make your way to BBS, Gallery or anything along the Sava River.

2) Slavonija – That north-eastern gangrenous stretch of secondary testicular matter between Hungary and Bosnia.

Although there are some seriously famous breweries around here, it’s mainly just farmland. Unless you’re flying directly into it, you’ll have to drive through the Bosnian coast from Split. If you seriously can’t live without seeing King’s Landing from Game of Thrones, then so be it.

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It’s a series of waterfalls and lakes that go up and down a mountain.

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