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To finance the hospital and its adjoining church, the queen sold her jewels and used income from her landholdings.

The name of the settlement that grew around the site and became Caldas da Rainha refers to both its founder and the reason for its existence.

Caldas hosts six professional and higher-educational institutions, including a major arts and design school and a school devoted to ceramics.

One day in 1484, while traveling from Óbidos to Batalha, she happened upon a group of peasants bathing in foul-smelling waters by the roadside.

Some rented rooms in town, marveling at the low rates.

During World War I, in which Portugal joined the Allies, Caldas had one of three internment camps in the country.

The queen stopped to inquire about this oddity, and the bathers told her that the waters possessed curative powers.

She decided to try them and was pleased to find that she was quickly relieved of an unknown affliction that she had been suffering.

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In January 1943, 230 Britons resident in Axis power Italy were evacuated to Caldas, where they were expected to stay until the end of the war.

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