Cached mode gal not updating

It also creates a faster response time of the Outlook client (especially when opening large attachments) and gives the ability to work offline.

It does this by creating a local copy of the mailbox and synchronising the updates as needed.

The Global Address List is a directory of contact information that is stored in a central place called the Exchange Server.

As a faculty/staff member, your Outlook program automatically syncs with the Exchange server on a regular basis. For example, say a new person joins your workgroup.

Please verify in step 6 which CAC enablers will with work with your version of Mac OS.

See how to make DTS work by following guidance on the DTS support page.

The Global Address List (GAL) has not updated from Active Directory.

The Microsoft Exchange default is for this to update at 5 AM each morning.

This is my issue: We are using Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2007.Unfortunately, by default Outlook cached mode also includes the Global Address List.This can mean that new accounts or distribution lists are not available to all clients straight away.However, if I delete my files (Offline Address Book) then I can see the new conference room in the Global Address List. The service was not started on one of the servers and therefore some users were getting old oab's while other users were getting fresh copies. if you're having this issue, make sure the file replication service is started. Chances are good that OAB generation is failing for some reason.When I download the Offline Address Book again, the problem returns. This does show up in the event-logs of the Mailbox server that does OAB generation, but the logging generally isn't turned on high enough to tell you I've had this problem before - not for Exchange 2010 I will admit (it was Exchange 2003) but the symptoms were exactly the same, so with a bit of luck so is the solution.

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If that's not it, check that LDAP Replication is fine.

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