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It was that fiery, independent spirit that drew her boyfriend Alejandro Jacquet to her.

For their first date, García took the lead — bringing him to a poor neighborhood where she was volunteering.

But as she made her way home in the early hours of the morning, she became the latest victim to be added to the list of women murdered by men.

Like so many femicides, her death is one that could have been stopped, if only the law had been applied, if only men were properly punished for their crimes.

He continued to take drugs in prison and “maintains inadequate impulse control, scant reflexive capacity,” according to the report, an excerpt of which was seen by Buzz Feed News.

But Carlos Rossi, the judge in charge of enforcing sentences at the court that had jurisdiction over Wagner’s case, thought otherwise.

One day, according to the girl’s mother, when her daughter was changing at Wagner’s house after a playdate, he barged into the bedroom, covered her mouth, and began touching her. Then he began flooding the girl’s Facebook messages with threats.

At first the girl didn’t tell anyone, but when the burden became too heavy, she confided in her sister, Jesica Cristani, 24.

“We complemented each other perfectly,” Jacquet told Buzz Feed News. Scrawled at the top of another page: “#Vivas Nos Queremos.” We want us women alive.

García stood up against gender violence, devising strategies to combat machismo and organizing massive women’s marches — her notebook was full of plans to educate other women about their rights. Which is what makes what happened next so distressing to her fellow activists.

On April 1, García went out for the night with her friends in Gualeguay, a small city 90 miles southwest of Concepción del Uruguay.

But in Argentina, there is #Ni Una Menos, a grassroots movement launched by women that brought hundreds of thousands out to protest in cities across the country.

The hashtag — which translates as #Not One Less — took off in 2015, instantly becoming an organized campaign and spreading across Latin America, which, along with the Caribbean, accounts for 12 of the 25 countries with the highest femicide rates, according to a 2016 report.

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When she arrived at the impoverished settlements where she volunteered, children flocked to her, and other activists sought her advice.

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